Tuesday, 26 August 2014

"Imperfection is Beauty" - Skin Care


All you Asians with skin imperfection especially when you get them nasty spots which leave marks and don’t seem to want to go. Also most Asians have problem with uneven skin tone having some areas darker than the other. (So I believe so). There is no miracle product that will make it all disappear but there is ways you can minimize it. As they say “Imperfection is Beauty”.

Effaclar Duo is a product made to minimize imperfection and to even out skin tone. It has active ingredients in them to give that kick to the skin. It is made to unclog pores and to fight the bacteria and dead cells in the skin to clear the imperfections and unevenness, in other words it is to there to fight the crap out your skin. These active ingredients are combined with soothing, anti-irritant spring water to reduce redness. I have also seen marks left from stupid spots have gone lighter some even disappeared.

The texture of this is smooth like serum and easily applied to the skin. Use every evening and morning after a clean washed face. (I would always forget in the morning but would do it every night before bed).

Over a number of weeks you would see the imperfections disappear and your skin to feel clearer and cleaner. Your skin will be more manageable and restored and balanced.  This may not work for everyone but it has definitely been tried and tested on me and my sister we have seen good results and noticed a difference. 

The Body Shop Mineral Warming Mask

Do you have oily face? Do you feel like you face is not fully cleaned even after washing? This product is great for oily T Zones and great for normal combination skin. I wouldn't recommend it for dryer skins as it really oil-absorbing. If you decide to try it do a test patch before applying on the whole face?

The Mineral Warming Mask is clay mask which warms up on contact with wet skin when applied. I must say it is a nice feeling as you can tell the product is doing its job. I apply once a week to the whole face. The product is a good way to deep clean the skin and give a youth fresh look to a tired face. It removes dirt trapped in your pores and cleanses the face leaving really soft and squeaky clean J J .

The texture of the product is quite thick but is easily distributed as the skin is wet when you apply it.


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